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For people who spell their L-I-F-E as B-O-R-E-D-O-M
By Rob Allen

I have been working formally for almost a year now. I don’t know, but I feel like everything that I do is no longer fulfilling. I feel that my purpose is getting really senseless as each working day passes. I might blame it on familiarity, to the people around me and myself for living a totally lack-luster life. My life in the office at this very moment in time is totally the opposite of my college days jam-packed with exciting adventures and insane shenanigans. As of this writing, the life I’m living is bland and flavorless.

I talk to some college friends and reminisce about the good old days of being a student. Yes, I have to admit that I really miss the horrific professors, brain-cracking homework, mind-boggling theses and energy-zapping field projects. More than that, I missed my real friends, slumber parties, out of schedule trips around the city and so many things. These cheap thrills are the things that spiced my life back then.

If only I can bring back the past and live it today. There is no such thing as a time machine that will bring back pigments of the past. Past is past so I guess, everyone should focus on the present and what the future holds. Though my life may be insipid, I know that taking the rudder of the ship into a better part of the ocean would spice up my life. There is no need for me to turn back the hands of time to make my life fulfilled. This inspired me to come up with the seven great things that can spice up a lack-luster life like mine.

Reroute and Detour

Don’t live your life like stagnant water let your life flow and let go. If you live your life going from work to home everyday, you should check out the real world and see what life has in store for you. Indeed, there are so many things that can be done outside your workplace. SO if you think that your life seems to be on the straight road, try to take some new routes and detours and explore other alternative roads that would make your driving a little less boring. After all, going astray is good sometimes. That is why you shouldn’t drive alone. Accompany yourself with a map, GPS or friends that would lead you to the right path.

 Go Out and Break Free

If you have boxed yourself in the office and you consider yourself a one man team, your computer monitor is your ultimate buddy and the customized office supplies are your little friends, you should stay away from your motionless pals and try to make new friends with your office colleagues. Try to break the ice by talking to them. Initiate a conversation and talk about the things that you have in common. Once you have established the layer of communication, try to go a step higher and go deeper beyond the things about office and the next thing you know, you’re already friends.

 Flex your Muscles

Try to experience new things. Engage yourselves in things that you haven’t done before. Flex your muscles by playing a brand new sport. We all know that playing any sport regularly reduces the impact of stress to our bodies. If you think that you have mastered basketball, why don’t you kick some butt on martial arts or some extreme sports that would make your adrenalin pump like never before. This will earn you new friends and experiences that you can share with others.

 Be Adventurous

As I’ve said, try new things and explore other alternative routes. Instead of going to your house after work, why don’t you eat at a new restaurant near your workplace or go to places that you haven’t gone before. You can do it alone or with friends depending on your mood. There is nothing wrong with spending your hard-earned money on things like this. After all, you deserve a break.

 Explore the Foreign Lands

Exploring the places outside the country would also be a great idea to make your life spicier than the normal. Do the good old backpacking style alone or with your best buddies. Don’t use budget or lack of time as your excuses. Money can be earned but time can never be returned. Plus, it would be okay if you have something to look forward to every once in a while. Indeed, suitcase stories from outside the country would be a great tale to share.

 Learn New Things

If you want to learn how to play the guitar, study it. If you want to learn how to swim, go for gold. Learning things like these knows no age limit. You should always keep in mind that it is better late than never. Indeed, as long as you can, nothing can hinder you from doing the things that you want to do and learn. There are people who think that they can not do things anymore because of their age. Well, age is just a number. Nothing can actually stop you from learning new things. I guess, it’s just your ego that halts you from stepping up.

 Extend a Hand

Time is gold and it wouldn’t be good if you will let it slip away because you can never turn it back. If you think that you have so much time to waste being a couch potato, why don’t your share it with others. Use your time to make others happy. How? Helping out charities is one of the best ways to share your time. You should know that sharing the love is not just sharing money alone. There are so many non-government organizations that are looking for people who are willing to help them in their endeavors. Try to contact these people and extend a hand. In fact, even blood donation or assisting medical practitioners in their mission can be very helpful. Indeed, you are not just reaching out to the needy; you are also able to make your time worth living. Moreover, you have a chance to meet new people with the same mindset.

These are seven great things that you can do to animate your dreary life. Taking these steps will surely give your life a one hundred and eighty degree turn from the life that you are living now. Waste no time and start today. You should always remember to live your life like you’re dying and seize the day.


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