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By Stephanie Melish

“Your words are your most powerful tool. There is nothing more powerful than hearing someone say, I love you or (dramatic pause) I hate you.”

I said this today during a training seminar on customer service. I was spending four hours with one company to help them understand this imperative. We had gotten to the section where I was emphasizing communication and I spoke those words.

And, it was as if I were speaking to myself (which I do sometimes, most of the time, OK – all the time!). I realized that my words are my most powerful tool, but they are yours as well.

When we communicate with others, the words we choose to use can either motivate or defeat someone. The words can inspire or infuriate. The words can evoke or emote. The words can attack or embrace. The words – your words – are power.

Most people don’t think about the words they choose. Most people don’t realize the power behind their words, their message (I only had this A-HA today). Most people don’t know that by choosing the right words they can create, instill, initiate, and shape CHANGE.

Change was Obama’s word and, like him or not, you can’t argue that he built a campaign on that one word. It was the right word at the right time in a world that needed hope that something new could be promised, that something would, that’s right, change.

So what are you promising?
What words are you choosing to use to deliver your message?
What words do you use when you parent, teach, lead, sell, serve or tweet?
Do you think about those words before you use them?
Do you choose them wisely?

NO?! I’m not surprised.

Being a writer, speaker, and trainer, I must constantly think about the words I choose when transferring my message to an audience. Not every word will be powerful – but if I can make a few of them, just a few, more powerful than the others, I can inspire action. I can inspire change. I’m in the business of change – change to know more, to sell more, to serve better, to be the best.

What’s my secret to change communication?

1. The Package. Put your message in a box, wrap it with beautiful paper, place a bow on top, and put a gift label on it. That’s how to present a gift to someone. Why wouldn’t you present your message in the same way? Put your message in a clear and concise box. Wrap the message into a creative presentation (hello theme!). Place a WOW! word bow on top. And right before you end your message, address it to a specific person or audience. A properly packaged message that’s personalized is more likely to grab their attention and get them to start to entertain a change. That’s the power of message packaging.
2. The Passion. Passion is directly tied into the belief that you have in your message. When you truly believe in what you are trying to transfer over to the listener, you’ll naturally exude passion. I am passionate about BAD customer service. I am passionate about asking powerful questions in sales. I am passionate about changing your attitude. I am passionate about helping other people become their best. This passion backs my message and puts some OOMPF! into my delivery. Passion is contagious and when it catches it creates change. That’s the power of passion.
3. The Pause. There is nothing more powerful or painful in delivering a talk than a pause. Those moments when you allow the words you so carefully chose to sink in. Those are the precise moments when your audience will soak it all in and consciously decide to (hopefully) change. That’s the power of the pause.

You have the power.

You have the power to choose your words with precision and purpose.
You have the power to deliver the package, the passion and the pause.
You have the power to change communication.


Posted October 17, 2011 by gaslightpromotions in Articles

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