Are You Engaging?   Leave a comment

By Paul Kiewiet MAS CIP CPC

The term Engagement has become an important business term in recent years and is no longer just about diamond rings and June weddings. Engagement refers to the ability of an organization to connect, to create a relationship and share common values and goals with customers, with employees and even with suppliers. Indeed, all stakeholders are engaged!

Any time business gets excited about a new strategy or concept there must be a profit angle, right? That is what is driving this new trend. More and more studies are showing that companies that can best engage their employees are also successful at engaging their customers which results in sales, loyalty and of course, profits! (Check out some of the studies at to see for yourself). Companies with the highest “Best Places to Work” scores show higher financial performance numbers than other companies.

Promotional products are the medium of engagement. While other media interrupt, promotional products engage. They are interactive and create involvement. What other medium do people thank you for? Studies show that people value promotional products and keep them and use them for years. This makes for the lowest cost per impression of any other communications medium. But this isn’t about stuff! This is about creating relationships and building them.

We would love to help you make your connections deeper, to help you open up conversations and faciliate expanding relationships. Consistency, authenticity and clarity of message can help you connect with your stakeholders. It can be as simple as a company gathering where a shared experience becomes a moment of shared values and a few carefully selected experiences allow that moment to extend into the home and helps build the company family reality. Call us for a conversation about growing your business.


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