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Customer Need:

Aquinas College was looking for two different gifts to be given out at inauguration events for their new President.  One of the events was for special invitees and the other was open to the college as a whole.   They wanted the gifts to have a sustainable theme since the college was celebrating its 125th Anniversary and it has a strong program offering in Sustainability Initiatives.


It was decided that 300 evergreen seedlings with the 125th Anniversary Seal printed on the packaging along with a photograph of the Administration Building would be given to the attendees of the special event.  For the college wide event, 1000 Anemone Bulbs with the 125th Anniversary Seal and a different photograph of the college printed on the package were passed out.


“Terry Powers at Gaslight Promotional Consulting understood exactly what we were looking for and offered several options within our budget.  Many excellent options were offered and it was difficult to make a final selection.  The final product selected was beautifully packaged and looked great when lined up on tables waiting to be distributed.   The gifts were very well received and guests thought they represented the college well with their overall sustainability theme. The graphics were attractive and we received many compliments.”  Meg Derrer, AVP Marketing and Communications


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