Case Study: Get Students’ Attention   Leave a comment

Each year, SandRidge Energy visits college campuses across Oklahoma and neighboring states in search of talent to keep the company competitive. ROBYN Promotions (asi/309656)has been doing business with SandRidge Energy for several years. “They were actually referred to us by one of our local vendors,” says Brian Blake, director of marketing for ROBYN.

Each spring and fall, SandRidge recruiters attend career fairs to talk with students majoring in engineering, IT, accounting and other business specialties about internships at SandRidge. In order to stand out amidst a crowded auditorium, SandRidge reps knew that they needed to give something away. “The students swarm to the cool items,” says Ashley McDaniel, a recruiter for SandRidge. “We’ve used water bottles the last couple of years, so I wanted to do something different this year … something we haven’t seen before.”

The SandRidge communications department worked with ROBYN Promotions to design a Tervis-inspired, double-walled tumbler that works for either hot or cold beverages. They selected a Triton 16-oz. tumbler. What really sets it apart is the custom woven patch with the SandRidge logo encapsulated inside the tumbler. “We used a woven patch to make a really sharp logo,” says Blake. This was the company’s first order of this particular product (over 1,000 units). “They love it though and we expect them to order more in the fall when they start attending career fairs again,” says Blake.


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