Here’s The Swag All Fans Will Get At The Super Bowl   Leave a comment

By Cork Gaines Jan. 21, 2014


In anticipation of the New Jersey Super Bowl and the possibility of bad weather, everybody attending this year’s big game will receive a seat cushion with an attached gift bag that includes a number of items to help the fans stay warm.

Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York City got ahold of one of the Super Bowl seat cushions and revealed all of the items in the bag.

Most of the items are what you would expect, including hand warmers, gloves, tissues, a wool cap, chapstick, and an in-house radio to listen to the broadcast (see images below). While the items look pretty cool, at least one of the items may not be useful for many of the fans at the game.

When Francesa attempted to try on the ear warmers, it led to a funny scene in which it turned out the ear warmers were just way too small.
Here are some of the other items the fans will receive, including knit gloves sponsored by the TV show, “New Girl.”

1-21-2014 2-43-22 pm

Fans will also receive a bandana-like item that can be wrapped around your face or neck.

1-21-2014 2-44-48 pm

Here is Francesa putting it around his head.

1-21-2014 2-47-03 pm

Fans will also get hand warmers that look a lot like the type football players used to wear on the field.

1-21-2014 2-50-00 pm

Here is the knit cap (Francesa said he didn’t want to mess up his hair).

1-21-2014 3-12-12 pm

Finally, here is the in-house radio.

1-21-2014 3-14-29 pm

There are some pretty neat items included in the gift bag to attendees.  What is your favorite item?


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