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Happy New Year all!  I can’t believe it’s 2014.  I’m counting the minutes until Spring because I’ve about had it with all the cold and snow here in Michigan.  With the New Year comes new products in the promotional products industry.  We’re going to shows and updating our product offerings to reflect the exciting new items that we are seeing.

One category proving to be popular is in the technology field.  Power Banks and other charging devices are now readily available, can be branded easily and come in a wide array of price points.  With a common complaint that our cell phones or tablets are losing battery strength quickly, these devices will save the day.

Another is digital full color imprinting.  This has been making a splash in the industry for several years but is really taking off now.  If you have a logo with multiple colors or shades, you are now able to print it on thousands of items, even apparel.  The quality of the imprinting is superb.  Give us a call and we’ll show you some examples.

We look forward to helping you to build your brand with fresh ideas and our usual combination of quality products and great service at a reasonable price.  Please tell us how we can help.



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