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Why is marketing to Millennials so important?

While sometimes underestimated, Millennials make up one of the most unique and largest generations to date. Not only do they make up more than a 1/4 of the national population, but they also account for having the most spending power.

Article Synopsis-4 Ways to Market to Millennials:

The article starts off with the author sharing a positive experience about a trip to a gluten-free bakery. After sharing the positive experience to the bakery’s Facebook page, the author immediately got a thank you response back. The bakery even mailed individually wrapped cookies as another thank you. By taking the extra steps to provide a customized experience, the bakery made the author feel valued. For the 83.1 million Millennials today, they are most attracted to this type of experience as a result of growing up in a technology focused time. Moreover, the article presents four tips to help market to this powerful group

1.Millennials want authenticity from reliable sources. One-step data shows that 40% of Millennials want content that informs them. Creating new content, educational posts, featuring your products and tips, and performing case studies are examples of establishing yourself as a reliable source.

2.Millennials like downloadable content. Millennials enjoy problem-solving and this is another way to grab their attention. How-to pdfs, e-books, and fliers are some examples of downloadable content. Moreover, make it fun and educational.

3.Millennials prefer personalization and/or customization. You don’t have to go crazy with it but taking the extra step will make you stand out to your customer. Some options include giving them the option to create their own product mockups or certain products that appeal to the customer.

4.Millennials value experience. They share what they are doing and what products they use on social media. Reposting photos of people using your products allows other followers to relate to the product/service.

The article “4 Ways to Market to Millennials” is published by Iclick.

How Gaslight Promotions Can Help You:

Here at Gaslight Promotions, one of our main goals is to provide a wonderful service so in turn, you can provide the same! Whether you are trying to attract Millennials to your business or simply looking to reward an employee or customer, appropriate promotional products help establish a relationship. When searching for promotional products geared towards Millennials, it can be overwhelming. Some products categories that attract Millennials include tech-related products, wellness products, travel accessories, and products that are useful to them.

Since Millennials value experience, correlating a product to your service/business will make the product more customized. For example, a fitness related business/club might give out a water bottle or an exercise band. Not only does the product relate to the business but it will be useful to the type of Millennial they are trying to reach.

Promoting to Millennials is important as the buying power continues to shift their way. By following the four tips and using promotional products, you can deliver a valuable experience that will attract Millennials. Send us an email or give us a call and let us help you find a product that fits your message.







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