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Promotional Products Effectiveness for Start-up Companies: New Relic, IFTTT, and Twitter   Leave a comment

Statistics show that promotional products are effective; 85% of people will remember the brand. For start up companies it is imperative to create a positive image right from the beginning. In the article, they discuss how digital marketing has grown but, that promotional products are still shown to be the most successful form of advertisement.

Here are some companies that used promotional products at their start and saw the benefits that followed:

  1. New Relic– This performance analytics company gained attention by using promotional products as part of a giveaway. Back in 2012, shortly after the company started, they offered a free trial of their platform. As a way to thank those who committed to taking the trial, they gave out over 75,000 t-shirts to customers. They even had different styles of the shirts instead of one, boring design! 

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  2. IFTTT-Socks! Socks! Socks! I was able to find numerous articles about IFTTT and how they gained fame though printed socks. What a cool idea, right? IFTTT (If this, then that), is a start-up tech company that has created a lot of buzz. Not only do they provide a good service but the unique, argyle printed socks were also a great way to promote their service. The socks were for a perfect gift for their techie clients and gained a lot of attention on social media.                                                                             ifttt-socks-wired-design1
  3. Twitter– This promotional product success story took place sometime after its start-up. We traditionally think promotional products are for clients when gifting promotional products to employees is highly effective as well. Twitter decided to put together a promotional “swag” bag for its employees which included a laptop sleeve, tote bag, t-shirt, writing notebook, and branded bottles of wine.36ac0fa692eab6709a90fe118ef36a20--first-day-of-work-swag-bags

Promotional products are effective because the experience lasts longer and the products provide value to the customer. Find the right promotional product to help create a positive image of your brand.

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Marketing to Millennials: Article Response and How We Can Help You.   Leave a comment

Why is marketing to Millennials so important?

While sometimes underestimated, Millennials make up one of the most unique and largest generations to date. Not only do they make up more than a 1/4 of the national population, but they also account for having the most spending power.

Article Synopsis-4 Ways to Market to Millennials:

The article starts off with the author sharing a positive experience about a trip to a gluten-free bakery. After sharing the positive experience to the bakery’s Facebook page, the author immediately got a thank you response back. The bakery even mailed individually wrapped cookies as another thank you. By taking the extra steps to provide a customized experience, the bakery made the author feel valued. For the 83.1 million Millennials today, they are most attracted to this type of experience as a result of growing up in a technology focused time. Moreover, the article presents four tips to help market to this powerful group

1.Millennials want authenticity from reliable sources. One-step data shows that 40% of Millennials want content that informs them. Creating new content, educational posts, featuring your products and tips, and performing case studies are examples of establishing yourself as a reliable source.

2.Millennials like downloadable content. Millennials enjoy problem-solving and this is another way to grab their attention. How-to pdfs, e-books, and fliers are some examples of downloadable content. Moreover, make it fun and educational.

3.Millennials prefer personalization and/or customization. You don’t have to go crazy with it but taking the extra step will make you stand out to your customer. Some options include giving them the option to create their own product mockups or certain products that appeal to the customer.

4.Millennials value experience. They share what they are doing and what products they use on social media. Reposting photos of people using your products allows other followers to relate to the product/service.

The article “4 Ways to Market to Millennials” is published by Iclick.

How Gaslight Promotions Can Help You:

Here at Gaslight Promotions, one of our main goals is to provide a wonderful service so in turn, you can provide the same! Whether you are trying to attract Millennials to your business or simply looking to reward an employee or customer, appropriate promotional products help establish a relationship. When searching for promotional products geared towards Millennials, it can be overwhelming. Some products categories that attract Millennials include tech-related products, wellness products, travel accessories, and products that are useful to them.

Since Millennials value experience, correlating a product to your service/business will make the product more customized. For example, a fitness related business/club might give out a water bottle or an exercise band. Not only does the product relate to the business but it will be useful to the type of Millennial they are trying to reach.

Promoting to Millennials is important as the buying power continues to shift their way. By following the four tips and using promotional products, you can deliver a valuable experience that will attract Millennials. Send us an email or give us a call and let us help you find a product that fits your message.






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Marketing Calendar – AUGUST 2014   Leave a comment

American Adventures Month
August is set aside as the month to explore this fabulous country. From coast to coast, and north to south, the United States has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, adventure, relaxation, culture, history and more. While this is a natural tie-in for the travel and hotel industry, any company can plan a creative promotion that focuses on America. Run a daily or weekly online contest where participants answer questions about the company’s products and where they are, à la Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego. Daily winners should receive a small logoed item, while the grand prize winner at the end of the month should be given travel-related prize. We can help you build the campaign and contest from start to finish and furnish the logoed prizes, too.

National Night Out
A grassroots effort to fight crime is practiced on a local community level. Traditionally, neighbors and community organizations spearhead efforts to “patrol” towns by either sitting on porches or walking the streets. Businesses can get involved by participating in the areas that they’re headquartered. This community outreach effort should be coordinated with appropriate logoed products including flashlights, whistles, T-shirts and caps.

United Nations: International Youth Day
This worldwide event focuses on 10 areas that include education, hunger, poverty, health, environment, drug abuse and others. Programs are developed to address these issues and to foster good decision-making skills by young people. A corporation can get involved by sponsoring events on a regional or local level. You can also do your part by initiating year-long mentoring programs for at-risk youth. We can help with details and securing ideal logoed products.

Bad Poetry Day
You’re a poet and you… never do anything about it. Here’s a fun idea – create a contest for your clients, vendors and employees to write poetry about the company, products and services. The campier, the better. Use social media to advertise and inform the masses. And select a winner (or would it be loser?) who provides the worst verse. Don’t forget logoed prizes for all participants and something special for the winner.


Golf season is finally here!   Leave a comment

As an avid golfer, I couldn’t be more excited that the snow is finally gone and the grass is finally green. It seems we are also getting some consistent warm weather too, which is nice.

With the advent of golf season, comes the golf outing season and we are beginning to receive requests from clients for ideas on player gifts for their events. As a golfer myself, I’m always on the lookout for new and different player gifts. The one thing that baffles me is how many outings give away items that aren’t very useful. I’m all about value, but value isn’t only about the low price. In this industry, value is about how long the items you give out are kept and used. It’s all about keeping your message in front of the recipient as long as possible and a quality product will meet that goal. That concept applies not only to golf outings but trade shows and other methods of using promotional products.

Some nice golf related ideas are divot tools with ball markers attached to them and we have some excellent options in a wide range of price points. Towels are always appreciated and we have a number of unique towel possibilities available along with a very clever towel holder that also has a ball marker attached to it.

Or how about an item that not only a golfer can use, but anyone else for that matter?   A water bottle that also doubles as a hot drink holder can be packed with imprinted tees, a small first aid kit and some snacks for a nice gift that can be used anywhere.

Speaking of tees, we have a supplier that has the ability to print inside the cup of the tee that the ball rests on. If you have a round or square logo icon, that can be a very effective way to promote your organization for a reasonable price. Tees can be packed in virtually any configuration too.

And there’s always apparel. From hats to shirts and outerwear, we have the major retail brands along with value priced garments that fit most any budget.

Don’t forget the awards for the winning teams or special events within the outing, like longest drive or closest to the pin.

After writing all of this, I think I’ll take a break and go hit some balls. My game needs work.

Enjoy the season!


Marketing Calendar – JULY 2014   Leave a comment

Marketing Calendar – JUNE 2014   Leave a comment

Entrepreneurs Do-It-Yourself Marketing Month
Smaller companies usually don’t have a marketing department, and that’s why your distributor partner is so important – especially in June. Use this month to take control of your marketing efforts and gain more business and exposure with local media and potential clients. Send press releases with company news along with a logoed item. The bulk in the envelope will ensure it’s opened. Use your social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to announce new hires. Hold rallies in local parks to publicize your firm’s community outreach efforts. We can help you pick appropriate logoed products.

Anniversary of First Drive-In Movie Theater
At their peak, there were 6,000 drive-in movie theaters in the U.S. Today there are about 600. That shouldn’t keep you from using tonight as a way to launch a community outreach program. Sponsor a local outdoor movie viewing party either on your company’s property or co-sponsor with the local community government. Provide games and prizes before the movie begins and serve attendees popcorn and soft drinks in logoed containers. Let us help you with the event, including all the giveaways you’ll need.

Friday The 13th
Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th, but since this is the only one in 2014, don’t fear it – celebrate it! Throw a fun, mid-year, open house for your clients and potential customers. Decorate with black colors and “unlucky” themes like black cats, broken mirrors, etc. Don’t forget to include “Jason” and other memorabilia from the movie Friday the 13th. Give guests gift bags with logoed products and reasons why it’s unlucky to not do business with your firm.

Recess at Work Day
Nothing makes kids happier than when they hear that bell for recess. Have an employee-focused event today where having fun during “work recess” is the objective. Break out into departmental teams with logoed apparel and compete in classic schoolyard games like kick the can, tag, hopscotch, kickball and more. Offer prizes like trophies and other logoed goodies.

Companies Offer Promotional Freebies For Earth Day   Leave a comment

Major brands, including Starbucks, Disney and Wegmans, are using Earth Day to promote logoed eco-friendly items, like reusable drinkware and totes. Here’s a list, with media links, of some notable company promotions and giveaways in honor of Mother Earth.


What other companies do you know of that offer freebies for earth day?