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Promotional Products Effectiveness for Start-up Companies: New Relic, IFTTT, and Twitter   Leave a comment

Statistics show that promotional products are effective; 85% of people will remember the brand. For start up companies it is imperative to create a positive image right from the beginning. In the article, they discuss how digital marketing has grown but, that promotional products are still shown to be the most successful form of advertisement.

Here are some companies that used promotional products at their start and saw the benefits that followed:

  1. New Relic– This performance analytics company gained attention by using promotional products as part of a giveaway. Back in 2012, shortly after the company started, they offered a free trial of their platform. As a way to thank those who committed to taking the trial, they gave out over 75,000 t-shirts to customers. They even had different styles of the shirts instead of one, boring design! 

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  2. IFTTT-Socks! Socks! Socks! I was able to find numerous articles about IFTTT and how they gained fame though printed socks. What a cool idea, right? IFTTT (If this, then that), is a start-up tech company that has created a lot of buzz. Not only do they provide a good service but the unique, argyle printed socks were also a great way to promote their service. The socks were for a perfect gift for their techie clients and gained a lot of attention on social media.                                                                             ifttt-socks-wired-design1
  3. Twitter– This promotional product success story took place sometime after its start-up. We traditionally think promotional products are for clients when gifting promotional products to employees is highly effective as well. Twitter decided to put together a promotional “swag” bag for its employees which included a laptop sleeve, tote bag, t-shirt, writing notebook, and branded bottles of wine.36ac0fa692eab6709a90fe118ef36a20--first-day-of-work-swag-bags

Promotional products are effective because the experience lasts longer and the products provide value to the customer. Find the right promotional product to help create a positive image of your brand.


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Marketing to Millennials: Article Response and How We Can Help You.   Leave a comment

Why is marketing to Millennials so important?

While sometimes underestimated, Millennials make up one of the most unique and largest generations to date. Not only do they make up more than a 1/4 of the national population, but they also account for having the most spending power.

Article Synopsis-4 Ways to Market to Millennials:

The article starts off with the author sharing a positive experience about a trip to a gluten-free bakery. After sharing the positive experience to the bakery’s Facebook page, the author immediately got a thank you response back. The bakery even mailed individually wrapped cookies as another thank you. By taking the extra steps to provide a customized experience, the bakery made the author feel valued. For the 83.1 million Millennials today, they are most attracted to this type of experience as a result of growing up in a technology focused time. Moreover, the article presents four tips to help market to this powerful group

1.Millennials want authenticity from reliable sources. One-step data shows that 40% of Millennials want content that informs them. Creating new content, educational posts, featuring your products and tips, and performing case studies are examples of establishing yourself as a reliable source.

2.Millennials like downloadable content. Millennials enjoy problem-solving and this is another way to grab their attention. How-to pdfs, e-books, and fliers are some examples of downloadable content. Moreover, make it fun and educational.

3.Millennials prefer personalization and/or customization. You don’t have to go crazy with it but taking the extra step will make you stand out to your customer. Some options include giving them the option to create their own product mockups or certain products that appeal to the customer.

4.Millennials value experience. They share what they are doing and what products they use on social media. Reposting photos of people using your products allows other followers to relate to the product/service.

The article “4 Ways to Market to Millennials” is published by Iclick.

How Gaslight Promotions Can Help You:

Here at Gaslight Promotions, one of our main goals is to provide a wonderful service so in turn, you can provide the same! Whether you are trying to attract Millennials to your business or simply looking to reward an employee or customer, appropriate promotional products help establish a relationship. When searching for promotional products geared towards Millennials, it can be overwhelming. Some products categories that attract Millennials include tech-related products, wellness products, travel accessories, and products that are useful to them.

Since Millennials value experience, correlating a product to your service/business will make the product more customized. For example, a fitness related business/club might give out a water bottle or an exercise band. Not only does the product relate to the business but it will be useful to the type of Millennial they are trying to reach.

Promoting to Millennials is important as the buying power continues to shift their way. By following the four tips and using promotional products, you can deliver a valuable experience that will attract Millennials. Send us an email or give us a call and let us help you find a product that fits your message.






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Marketing Calendar – JULY 2014   Leave a comment

How to Use Pantone Colors   Leave a comment

Screen Printing


Screen PrintingPaintBuckets

Ink manufacturers work differently than thread manufacturers. Although it’s possible to buy premixed colors, ink manufacturers have developed ink mixing systems that are used to create Pantone matching inks colors for print. We keep common colors on the shelf, but for more unique shades, it’s no problem to custom mix it. An important thing to note when referencing Pantone colors and screen printing inks is that the inks can still vary slightly despite the exact nature of the formulas. This depends on the color of garment being printed, material we are printing on, and whether or not we need to print a white under base.

For more information on this, you may want to read over this free download guide that goes into more detail about screen printing inks and Pantone colors.

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How To Use Pantone Colors   Leave a comment

For Embroidery

Pantone colors are the universal language for communicating specific colors right down to the shade. This language overcomes distances and computer monitors with different calibrations. If both parties involved in a project are looking at a Pantone book, referencing the exact number, both parties can rest assured that they are on the same page. Brand guidelines define specific colors of logos in terms of Pantones. Designers call out Pantone colors in their work so the image can be re-created exactly from digital media to print and embroidery. As decorators, we live and die by Pantone colors. However, the language of Pantone colors translates a little differently between screen print and embroidery – like a different dialect between the mediums of decoration. Let’s look at why and what this means for the logo or design you are having screen printed or embroidered.


Thread manufacturing companies have companion books that gives us a quick reference of all colors available and their corresponding Pantone color.

PANTONE BOOKPantoneThreadBook


A few things you’ll want to note: You’ll notice on the picture of the Pantone book there is a finite number of thread color created by the manufacturer. You’ll also notice from the snippet of the full thread chart, not all thread colors have a Pantone match assigned.

The snippet of the thread chart includes a disclaimer that Pantone colors represent the closest available thread color, and is most accurate when viewing the colors under cool white fluorescent lighting (4100 degrees Kelvin). The thread color may not match the corresponding Pantone color under every lighting condition. Another consideration to make is that not every color in the thread may be available. You see, it’s not simply a matter of having one spool of each color. Embroidery houses frequently stock the most common colors only. This ensures that a color won’t run out because the spool is low and the embroidery manufacturer can pass on volume thread purchase discounts to you. On top of specific colors, embroidery shops may stock both rayon and polyester thread by several different manufacturers so the absolute best quality can be achieved based on the color, fabric, and/or garment you wish to have customized.. What can be done if the embroidery manufacturer does not stock the exact thread color you’ve selected? Here are some options: Stick with the closest match. A slight difference might only be noticed if you put a Pantone book up against the sewn logo and who carries around a Pantone book. Also remember that the logo colors may look different depending on the lighting in the environment anyway.

You can provide the thread. Embroidery houses do carry the most common colors, so if yours is a little more unique, inquire if you can provide the thread. Your decorator can let you know how much and where to purchase the thread. The thread is then yours for each and every time you place a custom order. You can take the thread from shop to shop if the decorators are willing to accommodate.

Ask if your decorator can provide the thread. If you will be running a consistent, large program it may be easiest for every one if the shop simply acquires a new color.

Look for Part two of this series tomorrow.

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If given a t-shirt for a promotion, woul   Leave a comment

If given a t-shirt for a promotion, would you prefer to receive a basic loose fitting cotton t-shirt or a softer, fashion oriented t-shirt?

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What’s the best promotion or marketing c   Leave a comment

What’s the best promotion or marketing campaign you’ve seen that uses a promotional product?

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