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Marketing Calendar – AUGUST 2014   Leave a comment

American Adventures Month
August is set aside as the month to explore this fabulous country. From coast to coast, and north to south, the United States has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, adventure, relaxation, culture, history and more. While this is a natural tie-in for the travel and hotel industry, any company can plan a creative promotion that focuses on America. Run a daily or weekly online contest where participants answer questions about the company’s products and where they are, à la Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego. Daily winners should receive a small logoed item, while the grand prize winner at the end of the month should be given travel-related prize. We can help you build the campaign and contest from start to finish and furnish the logoed prizes, too.

National Night Out
A grassroots effort to fight crime is practiced on a local community level. Traditionally, neighbors and community organizations spearhead efforts to “patrol” towns by either sitting on porches or walking the streets. Businesses can get involved by participating in the areas that they’re headquartered. This community outreach effort should be coordinated with appropriate logoed products including flashlights, whistles, T-shirts and caps.

United Nations: International Youth Day
This worldwide event focuses on 10 areas that include education, hunger, poverty, health, environment, drug abuse and others. Programs are developed to address these issues and to foster good decision-making skills by young people. A corporation can get involved by sponsoring events on a regional or local level. You can also do your part by initiating year-long mentoring programs for at-risk youth. We can help with details and securing ideal logoed products.

Bad Poetry Day
You’re a poet and you… never do anything about it. Here’s a fun idea – create a contest for your clients, vendors and employees to write poetry about the company, products and services. The campier, the better. Use social media to advertise and inform the masses. And select a winner (or would it be loser?) who provides the worst verse. Don’t forget logoed prizes for all participants and something special for the winner.



10 Company Picnic Ideas for 2012   Leave a comment

By Steve DeAngelo

With companies all over the world cutting back on expenses, many are searching for unique ways to entertain staff, associates and families for less.  Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Invite your clients as well as employees to the picnic as an alternative to more expensive events that may be held in off premises locations. Turn the event towards family oriented foods & activities.
  2. Hold the event on your premise and show off your space to attendees. Offer plant or facility tours to families & guests. Use the parking lot, green space, entry lawn or a combination of your facilities. This option will assist in reducing expense and capture premium dates without sharing park space with other groups.
  3. Ask your vendors for raffle drawings or door prizes as a way to subsidize gift giving to attendees. Some of our clients have spent thousands of dollars on this portion of their event. Others go to their vendors whom they pay regularly and “ask” for contributions. Televisions, IPODS, notebook computers and Bar-be-que equipment and gift cards are popular items to request.
  4. Create a “green team”. Step up recycling efforts, compost food waste. Use sustainable giveaways as gifts to attendees. Sustainability is the wave of the future as well as “greening events”.  Let our staff show you how!  Popular sustainable products include tree seedlings, beverage containers made from recycled materials, seed paper and bamboo products.
  5. Tie a “cause” to your event. All nonprofit agencies need assistance in these trying economic times. Support local shelters, food banks. Keep support local whenever possible. Put the boss in the dunk tank; donate the money to play to charity.  Donating to charity may also be a good way to get your vendors to donate gifts (see #3).
  6. Have the Ice Cream truck visit! Everyone loves ice cream!
  7. Use a station format with “concession style foods”. Think burgers or sliders, hot dogs & sausages, pizza by the slice, yaki soba noodle stir fry w/ chicken skewers, with colorful linens and canopies with signage to “dress up” the event.
  8. Another low cost menu suggestion is to provide “slider stations”. Pulled Pork, teriyaki chicken, burgers, mini subs, sausages and meatball sandwiches are all popular “mini versions”. Scale down the portions and increase the quantity served!
  9. Theme the event. Try a Locavore menu, Italian bistro, Mexican Fiesta, or Tropical Theme to bring new concepts to your annual event. Add activities and color schemes that coincide.
  10. Offer child friendly services. Cookie decorating station, special seating, add fun menus with macaroni and cheese, mini corn dogs and healthy snacks as a starting point.

My Favorite Stress Relievers   Leave a comment

By L. John Mason, Ph.D.

I was pushing my cart through a large department store the other day when I almost ran smack into the Christmas tree display. Christmas—what? How can that be? We haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet. Just the thought of the holidays started to make me feel stressed. It’s a busy time at work. Plus, there’s shopping to be done, travel plans to be made and all the other trappings that come with the season.

Do you know this feeling? Maybe it’s not induced by the sight of a giant Christmas tree. Your stress might be triggered by the thought of an annual event that you’re in charge of planning at work or a report that you have to prepare for a large customer. Whatever the reason, we all experience these anxious moments.  Here are some ways to help relieve that stress.

1. Take 40 deep slow diaphragmatic breaths each day. Spread these evenly throughout your day, don’t do them all at once. You can benefit from associating the deep breaths with some common work occurrence such as the telephone ringing. Though simple to do, it is a powerful stress-management strategy.

2. Use regular relaxation periods for work breaks. Try 15- to 20-minute periods of undisturbed time away from the phone and/or family. Commit to using this for four to six weeks to begin to see the benefits. You will be surprised to find that this will save you time and energy. You will get more done in less time if you are not distracted by internalized stress.

3. Exercise regularly. Do some form of aerobic activity such as walking, jogging, swimming or biking for 20 minutes, three times per week at a minimum. Thirty minutes or more, four to six times per week is recommended.

4. Eat sensibly. Avoid caffeine. Do not cope with stress by using alcohol or drugs. If you are stressed out, caffeine is like throwing gasoline on a fire to put it out.

5. Focus on new directions and regular planning. Give yourself positive options if you feel trapped. Plan for growth in all aspects of your life; not just work.

6. Use humor. Positive attitudes really help. Difficulties, when viewed as opportunities for growth and proving your abilities, are less harmful.

7. Protect yourself from negative co-workers and relationships. Do not get caught up in other people’s negative thinking.

8. Get back in control. If you cannot control all the people and situations that happen around you, at least you can control the way you respond.

9. Give sincere compliments freely and smile. Be positive and let it shine on everyone around you. It will come back many times more.

10. Learn to really listen. It is the best communication technique that you can develop.